Building Survey

  • Suitable for listed buildings, timber frame construction and properties requiring significant renovation
  • Provides a detailed breakdown of condition
  • Entails a close examination of all internal and external components of a building, including services such as hot and cold water installations and drainage
  • Identifies active woodworm attack, dry rot and other infestations

Property Overview

  • Suitable for all properties
  • Provides a full picture of construction and condition
  • Tailored to the client’s individual requirements
  • Report includes extensive technical information on construction, materials and range of defects, major to minor. The site inspection is identical to the Building Survey however the written report is less descriptive and therefore offers greater value for money.

Single-issue Defect Report

  • A technical report on a particular problem, such as cracking or dampness
  • Economical and quick
  • Determines whether or not a "mountain or mole hill"

Building Appraisal and viability reports

  • Developed to accompany planning applications particularly for change of use or conversion of barns etc.
  • This gives an overview on the structural components with a view for retaining rather than replacement and reconstruction.